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Kapha Tea

Warming Herbal Blend and Stimulant

Introduction :

The three Doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha - together regulate and control the overall catabolic and anabolic processes that sustain life. Kapha is responsible for Growth and Protection. The mucosal lining of the stomach and the cerebral-spinal fluid that protects the brain and spinal column are the seats of kapha.

Aggravated Kapha is linked with the production of Ama, the root cause of all the disorders, ranging from impaired digestion and respiratory tract congestion to dullness, laziness and lethargy. It is also responsible for Joint Stiffness and reduced joint mobility. Insulin Resistance and associated Metabolic disorders are also a frequent accompaniment of Kapha and allied disorders, especially Obesity and Dyslipidemia.

Excessive Kapha can be balanced by intake of light, hot and pungent food articles, such as spices, curtailing the number of hours of sleep and by means of incorporation of aerobic exercises in the daily routine.

Sahul’s Kapha Tea comprising of potent kaphahara, warming and invigorating ingredients -Trikatu (Shunthi, Marich and Pippali) &Trijata (Dalchini, Ela and Tejapatra), effectively perks up digestion and metabolism, hence, overall energy level, abolishing excessive sleepiness and fatigue.

Enriched with respiratory stimulants and natural decongestants – Tulasi, Vasa and Yashtimadhu, ‘Kapha Tea’ efficiently clear up the mucus build-up, hence, facilitating smooth and unobstructed flow of vital energy.

It is an ideal caffeine-free substitute for the morning cup of tea that effectively stimulates and energizes the entire system. Kapha Tea is especially recommended to be taken during thedamp and cold weather conditions.

Actions :

Vasaka (Adhatodavasica)

Ameliorates aggravated Kapha; Expels out excessive Mucus; Bromhexine and Ambroxol, the semi-synthetic derivatives of Vascicine from Vasaka, endow significant protection against bacterial and viral infections of the Respiratory Tract; Effectively clears the blocked airways

Yastimadhu (Glycyrrhizaglabra)

Useful in Sore throat and Chest Congestion; Perks up energy and immunity, protecting against the common respiratory tract pathogens

Tulasi (Ocimum sanctum)

Potent Srotoshodhaka (biological channels’ cleanser) and stimulant that abolishes laziness and lethargy; Significantly improves digestion and metabolism, and effectively protects against the Seasonal infections and allergies


Helps in digestion of Ama, hence, effectively improves digestion and metabolism;Ameliorates Joint Stiffness and facilitates joint mobility; Endows a warming and soothing relief to the System and opens up the blocked channels and airways; Provides significant protection against Obesity, Dyslipidemia and Insulin Resistance1 as well

Marich (Piper nigrum)

Excellent Srotoshodhaka and warming herb that efficiently pacifies the aggravated Kaphaandac cumulated Ama; Extremely useful in Indigestion, Dyslipidemia and Respiratory Tract Congestion

Pippali (Piper longum)

Piperine, the active alkaloid of Pippali and Marich, enhances the bio-availability of active ingredients, significantly enhancing overall therapeutic efficacy of the Herbal Products preparation. The potent warming and digestive abilities of Pippali endow it excellent Kaphahara properties; Effectively improves Digestion and Metabolism; Neutralizes Ama and Strengthens the Respiratory System

Ela (Elettariacardamomum)

Supports Digestive and Respiratory Functions; Exerts Aromatherapeutic action and endows unmatched flavour and aroma to the herbal preparation

Dalchini (Cinnamomumzeylanicum)

Effectively combats the common Respiratory Tract Infections; Provides a soothing relief to throat and Clears the blocked Airways; Provides Significant protection against Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome2, which is a common sequel of aggravated Kapha

Lavang (Syzygiumaromaticum)

Eugenol from Lavang significantly protects against bacterial and viral respiratory pathogens and allied inflammation; Improves Digestion and Metabolism as well

ShuddhaGuggulu (Commiphoramukul)

Excellent Antioxidant and Anti-obesity constituent that effectively pacifies aggravated Kapha and endows significant Cardioprotective action by allaying Obesity and Dyslipidemia3

Indications :

  • Dullness, Lassitude and Lethargy even after a long, restful sleep
  • Sluggish Digestion
  • Frequent Respiratory Tract Congestion

As an adjuvant in:

  • Obesity, Dyslipidemia and associated Cardiovascular abnormalities
  • Insulin Resistance and allied risk factors, such as Metabolic Syndrome and Type-2 Diabetes mellitus


An invigorating warm cup of Kapha Tea two to three times a day.

Method of Preparation

Immerse the Tea Bag in a cup of boiling water. Cover it and let it stand for 2 to 3 minutes. Sip it warm.


Each Tea Bag contains 2 g of the therapeutic Herbal Mixture. A single pack contains 20 such Tea Bags.


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