• Name : Utangan Shikhi Sunishannaka
  • English Name :
  • Scientific Name :Blepharis edulis


It is found in Punjab, Western Rajasthan and Malwa region of MP.1

Morphology Description :

A small, grey-pubescent or nearly glabrous perennial herb; the stem is rigid with 4 leaves in each node. Flowers are blue in colour. Capsules contain 2 seeds.

Parts Used:           Seed


Allantoin, Blepharin, alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, sterols, terpenes ,phenolic compounds and saponins.2

Pharmacological Actions:

Blepharis edulis, Pers. is traditionally used for gastrointestinal, respiratory and inflammatory disorders.2

The primary pharmacological actions of its therapeutic seeds are summarized as under:

Respiratory System:  

i. The seeds possess spasmolytic and bronchodilatory activities mediated possibly through CCB (Calcium Channel Blocking).2

Cardiovascular System:  

i. Possesses antiplatelet activity.2  

Reproductive System: 

i. Possesses potent aphrodisiac activity; produces a significant and sustained increase in hormonal levels of testosterone in males without any adverse effects.1


 Male Infertility


1. Pande M, Pathak A. Investigation of Aphrodisiac Potential of Blepharis edulis Linn. (Utangan) Claimed By Tribals of Malwa Region of Madhya Pradesh. International Journal of ChemTech Research. 2009; 1(3): 769-776.

2. Saqib F, Janbaz KH, et al. Ethnopharmacological studies on antispasmodic, bronchodilator and antiplatelet aggregation activities of Blepharis edulis , Pers. Asian Journal of Natural & Applied Sciences. 2012; 1(1): 33-45.

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