• Name : Tailaparna / Nilaniryasa / Sugandha Patra
  • English Name :Blue Gum, Eucalyptus
  • Scientific Name :Eucalyptus globulus


Tailaparna consists of mature leaf of Eucalyptus globulus Labill. (Fam. Myrtaceae) a large tree attaining a height of 90 m or more, native to Australia, but planted world wide and introduced in Nilgiris, Anamalai and Palni hills, Simla and Shillong at an altitude of 1500-2500 m.

Morphology Description :

Drug consists of mature leaves, more or less scimitar shaped, thick, leathery, greyish-green, petiolate, upto 26 cm long and 4 cm broad; petioles 2.0 to 3.5 cm long and 0.5 to 1.5 mm thick, sometimes twisted; apex acute to acuminate, base obtuse; midrib prominent, particularly on the lower surface; margin of leaf entire and somewhat thickened, brittle and possess numerous brown to dark brown corky warts. In transmitted light, numerous oil glands can be seen as transluscent dots; upper surface smooth, lower surface slightly rough due to the presence of projecting veins; venation ? unicostate reticulate; lateral veins anastamose near the margin forming a continuous line; odour strong and characteristic.

Parts Used:            Leaf, Oil


Essential oil containing terpenes such as 1,8 - cineole, camphene, sabinene, myrcene, p menthone, α-and γ-terpinene, fenchone, α- β- thujone, citral, verbenone.

As per Ayurveda:

Rasa (Taste)                  Pungent, bitter and astringent

Guna (Property)             Light, unctuous

Veerya (Potency)           Hot

Vipaka (End Result)     Pungent

Pharmacological Actions:

Tailapatra is Vatakaphahara; its primary pharmacological actions are summarized as under:

Respiratory System: 

i. The essential oil exhibits antibacterial and antiviral activity against respiratory pathogens.2

ii. E. globulus oil has been observed to exert anti-inflammatory effect on experimentally-induced chronic bronchitis along with inhibitory effect on hypersecretion of airway mucins.3

Digestive System: 

i. The essential oil exerts antibacterial activity against H. pylori.4  

ii. The oil exerts antihelminthic activity.5

Endocrinal System

i. Eucalyptus exhibits antidiabetic activity; it also improves Candidia infection in normal conditions as well as diabetes.6

ii. Eucalyptus globulus leaf with a dose-dependent manner ameliorates diabetic states by partial restoration of pancreatic beta cells and repair of STZ-induced damage.7

iii. The leaf extract has been observed to suppress postprandial hyperfructosemia in the portal, cardiac, and peripheral circulations. The extract may counteract glycation caused by high blood fructose concentrations induced by the consumption of fructose-containing foods or drinks.8

iv. Attenuates oxidative stress in diabetes.9

Musculoskeletal System: 

i. The essential oil possesses considerable analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities.10


i. The essential oil of E. globulus leaves might be exploited as natural antibiotic for the treatment of several infectious diseases caused by gram negative bacteria (E. coli) as well as gram positive bacteria (S. aureus).11

ii. The extract possesses significant anti-inflammatory activity.12

iii. Promotes periodontal health.13


 Musculoskeletal Pain and Inflammations

 Respiratory Tract Infections and Inflammations

 Type 2 Diabetes mellitus

 Skin infections

 Oral Health and Hygiene

 Oily Scalp and Dandruff


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