• Name : Brihadela
  • English Name :Greater Cardamom
  • Scientific Name :Amomum subulatum



This is a perennial herb grown in Sikkim, Darjeeling, Assam, Bengal and Bhutan.


Morphology Description (Habit):

Greater Cardamom is a perennial herb with subterranean rhizomes and approximately 100-150 aerial leafy shoots. Leaves are glabrous on both sides with a prominent mid-rib. Inflorescence is a condensed spike with yellowish perianth. Each spike has 10-15 fruits. Fruit is round or oval shape, capsule with reddish brown colour. Each capsule is trilocular with many seeds. Its seed pods have a strong camphor-like flavor.


Parts Used:




Large cardamom contains 8.6% moisture, 5% total ash value, 1.5% ash insoluble in acid, 3.5% water soluble ash value, 4.88% alcohol extract, 4% non-volatile ether extract and 91.4% of total solid. It contains 1.95 to 3.32% of essential oil having characteristic aroma and possesses medicinal properties. The major constituent of large cardamom essential oil is 1,8-cineole. The monoterpene hydrocarbon content is in the range of 5 to 17% of which lamonene, sabeinene, and pinenes are significant components. The terpinols comprise approximately 5 to 7% of the oil.1


As per Ayurveda:

           Rasa (Taste)                 : Pungent, Bitter

           Guna (Property)           : Light, Dry, Sharp

           Veerya (Potency)         : Hot

           Vipaka (End Result)      : Pungent


Pharmacological Actions:

As per Ayurveda, Brihadaila is Vatakaphahara. The primary pharmacological actions of the aromatic seeds are summarized as under:


Respiratory System: 

i. Exerts antitussive activity, ameliorates cough, cold and congestion.


Digestive System: 

i. This carminative spice aids in digestion, allays nausea and vomiting.

ii. Exerts gastroprotective and anti-ulcer activities.2

iii. Possesses hepatoprotective activity.


Cardiovascular System : 

i. Large Cardamom is an excellent cardiac stimulant.

ii. Exerts hypolipidemic action.3


Reproductive System: 

i. Large cardamom is a reproductive stimulant and menstrual regulator.


Urinary System : 

i. The seeds exert diuretic activity.


Others : 

i. Large Cardamom is an efficient antioxidant.4

ii. Exerts antimicrobial,5 analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities.

iii. Freshens the breath.

iv. Possesses anticaries activity.6



Indigestion, nausea and flatulence

Sore throat, cough and cold

Oligomenorrhea (Scanty menstruation)

As a general tonic for the respiratory, digestive and circulatory system



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