• Name : Bahman Safed
  • English Name :
  • Scientific Name :Centaurea behen, Centaurea behman



The herb is a native of Persia.


Morphology Description (Habit):

A tuberous root consisting of a central part about 2 inches in diameter, from which spring 5 or 6 tapering tubes one and a half to two inches long and half to one inch in diameter. At the top of the central tuber, the scaly crown is 2 inches in diameter.


Parts Used:




Saponins, steroids and alkaloids.1


Pharmacological Actions:

Traditionally it was used as aphrodisiac, remedy of jaundice and in strengthening CNS system. Pharmacologically it is used as remedy for stones and in various herbal formulations to cure sexual disorders.1


Central Nervous System : 

i. Possesses anticonvulsant effect.1


Reproductive System : 

i. Promotes fertility and libido in men.


Others : 

i. The roots possess strong free radical scavenging activity.2



Male Impotency and Infertility



1. Balbir Singh, Nondita Prasad, Pritpal Kaur, Shabnampreet kaur. Pharmacognostic and screening studies of Centaurea behan Linn. International Journal of Natural Product Science 2012: Spl Issue 1:179.

2. Chougule P, Pawar R, Limaye D, et al. In-vitro antioxidant activity of ethanolic extract of Centaurea behen. Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2012; 2(4):106-110.

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