• Name : Akarkara
  • English Name :Pellitory, Spanish Chamomile
  • Scientific Name :Anacyclus pyrethrum



Akarakarabha consists of dried roots of Anacyclus pyrethrum DC. (Fam. Asteraceae); an annual, hairy herb with numerous spreading prostrate or ascending branched stems.1


Morphology Description (Habit):

Roots tough, cylindrical, 7-15 cm in length, tapering slightly at both ends, with a few hairy rootlets and occasionally topped by bristly remains of leaves, external surface rough, brown, shrivelled, bark upto 3 mm thick, not easily separable, odour, slightly aromatic, taste, characteristically astringent and pungent, on chewing gives tingling sensation to tongue and lips and causes excessive flow of saliva.1


Parts Used:




Volatile oil and Alkaloid (Pyrethrin).


As per Ayurveda:

           Rasa (Taste)                 : Pancharasa (Lavana Varjit) i.e. sweet, sour, pungent, bitter and astringent

           Guna (Property)           : Heavy, rough and cold

           Veerya (Potency)         : Cold

           Vipaka (End Result)      : Sweet


Pharmacological Actions:

Akarkara is Tridoshahara; its primary pharmacological actions are summarized as under:


Central Nervous System:

i. Exhibits anticonvulsant and anti-epileptic activities. It and also showed protection against cognitive impairment by decreasing oxidative stress.2

ii. Exerts protective effect against seizures, seizure-induced oxidative stress and cognitive impairment.3

iii. Root extract might produce antidepressant effect by interaction with adrenergic and dopamine receptor thereby increasing the level of noradrenaline and dopamine in brain.4

iv. Improves cognitive process by enhancing memory via improvement in central cholinergic neurotransmission.5


Endocrinal System: 

i. Exhibits antidiabetic effect.6


Reproductive System: 

i. A. pyrethrum has androgenic potential and may improve male fertility by enhancing spermatogenesis.7

ii. Improves sexual potential in males.8

iii. Root aqueous extract of A. pyrethrum has been observed to increase the weights of body and sex organs, increase of sperm count of epididymis and right and left vas deferens, and reduction of percent of abnormal spermatozoids in treated rats.9



i. Essential oils from the aerial parts of Anacyclus pyrethrum L. showed activity against Candida albicans and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria strains. They represent an inexpensive source of natural antibacterial substances that may potentially be used in pathogenic systems.10

ii. Useful as an adaptogen and immunomodulator.11



Cognitive impairment


Epilepsy and seizures

Male infertility and impotency

Impaired immunity

General debility



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