• Name : Ajwain
  • English Name :Ajowain, Thyme
  • Scientific Name :Trachyspermum ammi, Carum copticum, Ptychotis ajwan



An annual, erect herb, upto 90 cm tall, cultivated almost throughout India, uprooted and thrashed for collecting the fruits.1


Morphology Description (Habit):

Fruit, consists of two mericaprs, greyish brown, ovoid, compressed, about 2 mm long and 1 mm wide with pale coloured protuberances, 5 ridges and 6 vittae in each mericarp, usually separate, 5 primary ridges pale in colour, odour, characteristic, thymolic, taste, pungent.1


Parts Used:




Essential oil and fixed oil.


As per Ayurveda:

           Rasa (Taste)                 : Pungent, bitter

           Guna (Property)           : Light, rough and sharp

           Veerya (Potency)         : Hot

           Vipaka (End Result)      : Pungent


Pharmacological Actions:

Carum copticum from Apiaceae family has several biological effects including analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic and antispasmodic activities.2

The primary pharmacological actions of this carminative fruit are summarized as under:


Central Nervous System:

i. Carum copticum is effective in suppression of morphine withdrawal.2

ii. Possesses sedative and anxiolytic properties.3


Respiratory System:

i. Exerts significant bronchodilatory effect.4

ii. Possesses significant antitussive effect.5

iii. The essential oil exerts relaxant effect on trachea, mainly due to carvacrol.6


Digestive System:

i. Exerts spasmolytic activity owing to inhibitory effect on acetylcholine induced ileal contraction.7


Cardiovascular System: 

i. Trachyspermum ammi contains a calcium channel blocker-like constituent (thymol) which is implicated in its hypotensive and bradycardiac effects.8


Urinary System: 

i. Possesses antilithiatic potential, maintains renal functioning, reduces renal injury and decreases crystal excretion in urine and retention in renal tissues.9


Musculoskeletal System: 

i. Carum copticum extract possesses a clear-cut analgesic effect.10



i. Mitigates biofilm formation and caries development.11

ii. Carum Oil possesses significant antioxidant and antibacterial properties.12



Indigestion, Flatulence and allied Abdominal Discomfort


Dental Caries

Cough, Bronchitis, Bronchial Asthma


Musculoskeletal Pains and Inflammation



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