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Antikrim Capsule

Herbal Formulation for Intestinal Worms

Introduction :

EWorms are the commonest parasitic infestation of the digestive tract, which lead to symptoms of gastrointestinal tract dysfunction, malnutrition, anaemia and general debility. Round worms, hook worms, thread worms and tape worms are the frequently observed intestinal parasites, which cause diarrhea, foul breath, under eye dark circles, constant desire for food, nausea, vomiting, loss of weight, fever and irritability.

With potent natural antihelminthics, Sahul’s Antikrim Capsule is a 100% Herbal Active Ingredients enriched therapeutic preparation, which safely and effectively helps in managing and expelling out all types of intestinal parasitic worms, such as round worms, pin worms, tape worms, hook worms and flukes. It effectively alleviates the associated abdominal symptoms, such as cramps, diarrhea and dysentery, and allays allied anaemia and allergic skin manifestations as well. This herbal preparation significantly improves digestion, metabolism and overall well-being.


Actions :

Vidang (Embelia ribes) :

Vidanga, a powerful antioxidant and antihelminthic, effectively protects against various intestinal worms and bacterial infections. Embelin, an important constituent of Vidanga, is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, which also protects against colitis and liver toxicity

 Palash beej (Butea monosperma) Oil

Palash beej are renowned for their antihelminthic1 and hepatoprotective activities.

Kampillaka(Mallotus phillipinensis)Oil

Kampillaka protects against associated pain, inflammation and allergic manifestations. It is an effective purgative and antihelminthic, which efficiently expels out the intestinal worms and parasites.

Furthermore, Kampillaka also works against drug-resistant Helicobacter pylori infestation of intestines.

Haridra(Curcuma longa)

Haridra possesses excellent hepatoprotective properties along with significant deworming potential. Its significant antioxidant, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial potential also relieves skin manifestations associated with worm infestations.

Indrayav (Holarrhena antidysenterica) Oil

Besides managing the intestinal worms,balances the gut motility, checks abdominal cramps and considerably improves the digestion, metabolism and general well-being.


Indications :

Antikrim Capsule is extremely useful in the prevention and management of all types of Intestinal worms and allied symptoms, such as abdominal cramps, disturbed appetite, flatulence, skin infections and dysentery.

Direction for use:

Children (7-12 years of age): 1 Capsule twice daily with water after meals; Adults and Children (>12 years of age): 2 Capsules twice daily with water after meals or as directed by the Physician.


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