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Abha Shampoo plus Conditioner with Strawberry

Endows Health & Strength to Hair

Introduction :

Abha Shampoo plus Conditioner (Strawberry) with hair-cleansing as well as strengthening single herbs successfully cleanses hair in addition to scalp. It assists manage extreme hair fall, alongside offering shining to hair whilst alleviating roughness, dryness as well as split ends. This herbal shampoo with fruity Strawberry fragrance keeps hair softer as well as smoother, conditioned moreover well-manageable. Because of the above reasons and advantages our clients mostly like Abha Shampoo plus Conditioner frequently and have been using it since long. However, we have to note that the key focus of Ayurvedic medicine is to promote sound health, rather than fighting disease. Nevertheless, treatments perhaps are suggested for specific health issues.
Furthermore, it should be noted with paramount importance that healing herbal hair oil has been used for about hundreds of years. Enjoy the benefits of this age old convention with our line of herbal oil, which have been crafted to excellence for a large number of therapeutic applications.

Actions :

Japa (Hibiscus rosa sinensis)

Shoe Flowers or Hibescus is one of the well known conventional as well as laboratory’s experimented herb which considerably maintain the natural color of your hairs, heals any scalp infectivity or inflammations, in addition to efficiently enhances new hair growth. We would like to state here that most effectual & natural herbal products in addition to herbal supplement that has been making significant contribution with a view to promoting your hairs.

Methika (Trigonella foenum-graecum)

One of the excellent natural hair growth promoters, this protein-rich seed successfully defends the scalp against dandruff in addition to other scalp infections as well. Keep in mind that this herbal oil normally does much benefit to your hairs.

Ritha (Sapindus mukorossi)

Rich with natural cleansers, Saponins, Ritha (or Soapnut) is the most helpful environmentally friendly option to the synthetic chemical-based components. Soapnuts are naturally antibacterial as well as antifungal along with being Hypoallergenic, these are so smooth on the skin. Furthermore, we have to take it into consideration that a series of single herbs as well as compound preparations has specific benefits of being readily absorbed in body. 

Bhrngaraja (Eclipta alba)

Bhrngaraja, which is aptly known as Kesharaja (Ruler of Hair), maintains your natural hair color, as well as keeps them healthy, long also strong. It has been well-researched herb as well as a powerful hair growth promoter.

Kapoor Kachari (Hedychium spicatum)   

A rhizome of Kapoor Kachari / Hedychium spicatum contains powerful pediculicidal (anti-lice) activity. This therapeutic herb considerably promotes Hair growth too.

Ghritkumari (Aloe vera)

A powerful humectant that keeps your hair well-moisturized as well as defends against dryness, damage in addition to split ends. Aloe vera notably defends against scalp infections as well as cools, soothes moreover heals the scalp too. Finally, in light of the above facts, we should note with special importance that because of the capability of herbal manufacturers to manufacture as well as supply a diverse perfect range of ayurvedic medicines together with Herbal PCD products.

Indications :

Abha Shampoo plus Conditioner with Strawberry is remarkably beneficial in the following conditions:

  • Extreme Falling of Hair
  • Dandruff as well as mild Scalp Infections
  • Dryness, Roughness alongside Split Ends

Mostly recommended for Routine Hair Care!

Direction for use:

Use on to wet scalp as well as hair, lather well moreover leave for a minute before rinsing meticulously.

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