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Abha Coconut Oil

For Youthful Radiant Skin & Healthy Strong Hair

Introduction :

Abha Coconut Oil is famous emollient that has been used since time-immemorial for skin in addition to hair care. It has been enriched with fatty acids, particularly lauric as well as myristic acids, oleic acid, polyphenols, linoleic acid, vitamin E, K as well as the mineral Iron. It is remarkably soothing, healing as well as nourishing in nature moreover, capably defends the natural warmth of your Skin as well as Hair, keeping them young in addition to vivacious as ever. Nature has gifted us with effectual herbal products as well as important herbal oils, which successfully enhance the health of scalp alongside hair, moreover, remarkably promote hair growth. This is why, it is so well-liked by our clients who have been extensively using it for a long. Moreover, we have to be aware that Ayurvedic medicine is a method of Hindu traditional effective medicine, most popular to the Indian subcontinent. In fact, the product of herbal manufacturers improves the quality of life the people!

Abha Coconut Oil offers you with the skin-protecting as well as hair-growth enhancing effects of pure coconut oil as it absorbs rapidly into the scalp as well as hair. It most importantly enhances skin tone in addition to texture, as well as successfully supports hair-growth as well, defending against mild infections as well as inflammations of skin in addition to scalp, dandruff moreover extreme hair fall. In a nut shell, we have to keep in mind that series of single herbs and compound preparations has considerable benefit of being readily absorbed in body.

Actions :

Abha Coconut Oil:

  • Competently keeps away dryness, itching as well as burning sensation in skin also the scalp.
  • Heals as well as defends the skin against harmful effects of UV radiations.
  • Naturally brightens the Skin whilst enhancing Skin Texture.
  • Is a powerful antioxidant as well as free radical scavenger that considerably maintains Skin’s Elasticity in addition to effectively delays the onset of symptoms of Skin Aging, for instance wrinkles in addition to skin sagging.
  • Is a tremendous hair growth-promoter, conditioner as well as scalp nourisher.
  • Defends the hair against damage; it diminishes the protein loss significantly for both undamaged as well as damaged hair whilst applied as a pre-wash as well as post-wash grooming product. Being a triglyceride of lauric acid, a major fatty acid, it has high similarity for hair proteins also due to its low molecular weight as well as straight linear chain, this hair rejuvenator capably penetrates inside the hair shaft.


Abha Coconut Oil is tremendously helpful in the following conditions:

  • Dry as well as Itching Skin.
  • Dull in addition to Lusterless Hair
  • Extreme Falling of Hair
  • Damaged Hair as well as Split Ends

Most recommended for Routine Skin as well as Hair Care! Moreover, of course beneficial as an adjuvant in Psoriasis in addition to other skin conditions, connected with extreme dryness as well as flakiness. It should be noted here importantly that a proper use of this herbal hair oil ensures freedom from Dryness of Hair, Extreme Hair Fall, Dandruff, Split Ends, Scalp Infections as well as Inflammations, moreover Premature Graying of Hair. It amazingly brings back life as well as vigor in your dull, dry moreover, lusterless hair. Indeed this specially prepared herbal product is highly beneficial to our clients and hence our clients have been using this product for a long time!

Direction for use:

Take adequate amount of Abha Coconut Oil as well as apply on Skin / Scalp. Massage smoothly until it gets absorbed.


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