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Abha Body Lotion–Aloe vera

Soothing Rehydrator for Oily Skin

Introduction :

A distinctive amalgamation of cooling, soothing as well as anti-inflammatory herbs Abha Body Lotion – Aloe vera successfully rehydrates as well as soothes the skin. Its light along with non-greasy texture makes it particularly beneficial for oily moreover mixed skin types. In order to meet up the needs of clients, we are sincerely engaged in offering perfect range of Abha Body Lotion which tremendously benefits our clients who mostly prefer it as well. Our provided body lotion has been tested in terms of quality with a view to delivering an excellent range. This body lotion is processed using the excellent grade ingredients in compliance with the set standards. Customers can avail this body lotion from us at market rates in air tight packaging. But it should be noted that the key focus of Ayurvedic medicine is to support good health, rather than fighting disease. And treatments possibly are recommended for particular health issues.

Actions :

Ghritkumari (Aloe vera)

One of the well known natural humectants, full of polysaccharides as well as other therapeutically active ingredients, for example, mannans, anthraquinones, certain enzymes, amino acids, inorganic compounds, proteins, lipids as well as skin-friendly vitamins, Aloe vera successfully enhances skin hydration, alleviates wrinkles moreover improves skin texture as well as flexibility. 

Kheera (Cucumis sativus)

Kheera is an active antioxidants along with powerful anti-elastase as well as anti-hyaluronidase activity that keeps skin juvenile alongside agile. The refreshing, cooling as well as hydrating herb moreover possesses powerful anti-tyrosinase activity, whereby it keeps skin radiant.

Safed Chandan (Santalum album)

Chandan is cooling in addition to soothing in action plus successfully allays burning sensation. This varnya enhances complexion as well as kandughna (alleviates itching) heartwood is most useful in the management of different skin disorders, inflammations as well as skin eruptions. Sandalwood naturally enhances skin tone moreover complexion too.

Ushira (Vetiveria zizanioides)

Ushira is famous for its cooling as well as soothing properties. A perfect refrigerant, astringent, deodorant in addition to skin toner, Ushira successfully mitigates too much sweating, heat alongside burning sensation, further retains the calm , skin cool as well as refreshed.

Zandu / Marigold (Tagetes erecta)

Marigold is really works miraculously on the skin. It is a very soothing as well as curative herb, which heals different cutaneous infections as well as inflammations. This skin-protective herb successfully prevents photo-aging.

Almond (Prunus amygdalus) Oil

Almond Oil is an excellent source of carbohydrates, skin essential vitamins, particularly Vitamin E, as well as beneficial minerals. It softens the skin as well as promotes an apparent, juvenile complexion as well as a comprehensively nourished skin. This sweet oil successfully delays the premature onset of symptoms of skin aging, particularly photoaging too. In short speaking, a series of single herb in addition to compound preparations has sufficient advantages of being readily absorbed in body. Finally it is also important to keep in mind that Healing herbal oils have been used for approximately hundreds of years. Take pleasure in the benefits of this age old convention with our line of herbal oils, which have been crafted to excellence for a huge number of therapeutic applications.

Genhu / Wheatgerm (Triticum sativum) Oil

A powerful antioxidant, moisturizer moisturizer as well as skin nourishers, Wheatgerm Oil has been well known herbal source of E vitamin in addition to natural protein. It contains perfect skin protecting, healing as well as nail strengthening components. Moreover, Wheatgerm Oil speeds up tissue repair as well as regeneration, keeping skin smooth, supple, soft plus healthy. It is however, significant to keep in mind that most effectual & natural herbal products in along with herbal supplement that has been making remarkable contribution with a view to promoting health.

Furthermore, in light of the above analysis we have to give emphasis that due to the capability of herbal manufacturers to manufacture as well as supply a diverse excellent range of ayurvedic medicines together with Herbal PCD products.

Indications :

Abha Body Lotion – Aloe vera is wonderfully appropriate for individuals having Oily or Mixed Skin Type.

Direction for use:

Bathe smooth, as well as dry body with a soft towel; apply lotion gently over arms, legs & all over the body. Massage smoothly till the lotion gets absorbed entirely. It is suitable for everyday use!


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