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For Indigestion & Respiratory Tract Manifestations

Introduction :

Trikatu comprises of Fruits of Marich (Piper nigrum) andPippali (Piper longum) along with Rhizomes of Shunthi (Zingiberofficinale) in equal quantities each. It is a potent carminative, digestive stimulant and hepatoprotective herbal formulation, which is extremely useful in loss of appetite and indigestion.

Trikatu provides significant relief in Respiratory Tract manifestations and enhances bio-availability of drugs as well.

Actions :

  • Significant antihelminthic activity.
  • Potent  herbal Bio-enhancer.
  • Effectively ameliorates enteric bacterial infection.

Indications :

Trikatu is extremely useful in the following conditions:

  • Indigestion, Flatulence, Loss of Appetite
  • Lowered Immunity with frequent respiratory tract infections  
  • (As an adjuvant in) Liver Dysfunction, Rheumatoid Arthritis

Dosage / Serving Size

1 Capsule twice daily with water after meals.


60 Capsules in a Single Pack.


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