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Safed Musali

Promotes Desire & Fertility

Introduction :

Safed Musali, the renowned stimulant and rejuvenative, significantly promotes Desire and supports Fertility in both men and women. This potent herbal manufacturers tonic, immunity booster and re-vitalizer efficiently improves stamina, vigour and vitality, and is extremely useful in general weakness, convalescence, diabetes and arthritis. Safed Musali is appropriately referred to as White Gold for Biopharmaceuticals and Neutraceuticals by researchers all over, owing to its immense therapeutic applications.

Actions :

  • Potent Aphrodisiac that significantly improves erection, sperm count, seminal fructose content and nitric oxide release. Nitric oxide release is directly related with enhanced erection. Safed Muasli (Chlorophytumborivilianum) significantly improves reproductive finctions.1
  • Significantly ameliorates Diabetes-induced Sexual Dysfunction.2
  • Besides improving Sperm count, Safed Musali markedly increases libido, sexual vigour and sexual arousal, conforming to its aphrodisiac abilities.3
  • Potent Anti-stress and Antioxidant effects.4
  • Significantly improves sleep quality in both men and women.
  • Safed Musali is an Ayurvedic Rasayana (adaptogen) possessing excellent Immunostimulating properties.
  • Exerts positive therapeutic impact in Dyslipidemia as well, wherein it tends to increase HDL (High Density Lipoproteins / good cholesterol) levels and lowers elevated levels of Cholesterol. This property is primarily attributed to its excellent antioxidant activity.

Indications :

Safed Musali is extremely useful in the following conditions:

  • Issues related with Potency and Libido in Men, such as Erectile problems, Lack of sexual desire, Performance problems
  • Male Infertility, owing to reduced Sperm count, diminished motility or reduced quantity of semen
  • Lowered Immunity, Convalescence (Recovery from prolonged illness) or general weakness
  • (As an adjuvant in) Reduced libido in Females, Non-organic causes of Female infertility owing to disturbed ovulation or general weakness, Type-2  Diabetes mellitus and Arthritis

Dosage / Serving Size

2 Capsules once or twice daily,preferably with Milk.


60 Capsules in a Single Pack.


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