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Papaya Tea

Supports Digestion and Boosts Immunity

Introduction :

Papaya Leaf Tea significantly improves digestion, and allays heartburn, dyspepsia and flatulence. It effectively boosts immunity and improves Skin texture, endowing a clear, smooth, supple and glowing skin.

This Herbal Tea is extremely useful as an adjuvant in abnormal tissue growths and tumours as well.


Actions :

Papaya Leaf (Carica papaya) 

Significantly improves Digestion and Metabolism; Helps maintain normal level of blood sugar and serum lipids1; Potent Antioxidant that efficiently improves Skin Tone and Texture; Possesses Anti-tumour, Anti-allergic and Immunomodulatory activities

Tulasi (Ocimum sanctum)

Boosts immunity3; Prevents Cold and Flu; Helps regulate Blood Sugar level within the normal range

Shunthi (Zingiberofficinale)

Potent Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory and Antimicrobial Herb; Significant Anti-emetic activity; Supports Liver Functions; Promotes Digestion and Metabolism; Corrects Dyslipidemia; Exhibits significant Anti-tumour activity

Saunf (Foeniculumvulagre)

Potent Antioxidant that endows a natural sweet flavour and aroma to the Herbal Tea; Alleviates Heartburn; Improves appetite and digestion


Indications :

  • As a preventive measure against Benign Tumours and abnormal tissue growths
  • Digestive Disturbances and Anorexia (Loss of Appetite)
  • Regulates Metabolism and helps maintain blood sugar and lipid levels within the normal limit
  • Impaired Immunity with frequent bouts of Cold, Cough, Flu and other Viral Infections


A soothing warm cup of Papaya Tea 2 – 3 times a day.

Method of Preparation

Immerse the Tea Bag in a cup of boiling water. Cover it and let it stand for 2 to 3 minutes. Sip it warm.


Each Tea Bag contains 2 g of the therapeutic Herbal Mixture. A single pack contains 20 such Tea Bags.


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