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Noni Juice

Introduction :

Obtained from the ripe fruits of Morinda citrifolia, Noni Juice is extremely healthful and beneficial as it regulates bowel movements and heals skin manifestations. Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, this citrus fruit juice significantly delays the progression of age-related changes. Its tremendous health benefits range from anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic to anti-tumour and anxiolytic actions. Noni Juice not only endows a supple, clear and glowing skin to healthy individuals but it effectively hastens the healing of wounds and diabetic ulcers as well.

A recent study demonstrates its lipid lowering effect in Cigarette smokers, which induces oxidative stress causing dyslipidemia and systemic inflammation.1

    Actions :

    • Noni Juice possesses significant anti-diabetic action whereby it causes significant reduction in Glycosylated Hemoglobin level and enhances Insulin Sensitivity as well.2
    • Exerts Lipid-lowering and Cardioprotective action.
    • Possesses considerable antimicrobial activity against Enterococcus faecalis.3
    • Noni Juice exerts anti-tumor activity demonstrated against breast cancer cells.4
    • Scopoletin has been identified as its chief active component that helps prevent angiogenesis and allied disorders, including Cancer.5
    • Noni Juice significantly protects against Bone Loss.6
    • Possesses significant Immunostimulant properties.7

    Indications :

    Noni Juice is extremely useful as a Daily Health Drink in the following conditions:

    • Increased susceptibility to infections, Impaired Immunity
    • Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disorders8
    • (As an adjuvant in) Dyslipidemia and Type 2 Diabetes mellitus
    • Noni Juice is extremely useful as a possible protective measure against Cancer and new cell growths as well.


    1-2 Tablespoonfuls (15-30 ml) twice daily 15-20 minutes before meals.


    200 ml in PET Bottle

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