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Herbeauty Neem Face Pack(Dry)

For Normal to Dry Skin

Introduction :

Neem, the Miraculous Herb, has been widely used in different medications for its wonderful pharmacological actions. Neem Leaf is particularly famous for excellent therapeutic components ranging from anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial to antioxidant as well as antimutagenic ingredients. This is in fact a perfect healing herb, which has long been mostly beneficial.

In addition to Haridra, Anantamul, Daruharidra, Shwet Chandan as well as oils of Lavanga, Bakuchi, Jatiphala in addition to Tailapatra. Neem Leaves successfully offer you with smooth, clear, lighter as well as brighter facial skin. Herbeauty Neem Face Pack is a perfect amalgamation of these skin-cleansing in addition to beautifying herbs, which makes facial skin glow with juvenile vivacity. So, considering the miraculous effectiveness of this distinctive Herbal Product Herbeauty Neem Face Pack our clients have widely been using it on a regular basis. Furthermore, it should be noted that the key focus of Ayurvedic medicine is to promote sound health, rather than fighting disease. Nevertheless, treatments perhaps be recommended for specific health issues.

Actions :

Neem (Azadirachta indica)

This purifying, cleansing as well as healing herb remarkably fight against acne causing bacteria, alleviate skin annoyance as well as inflammation, lightens scars moreover pigmentation, and keeps away all sorts of skin infections alongside allergies. Neem is most beneficial in acute as well as chronic Skin manifestation. It should be noted importantly that importantly that the most effectual & natural herbal products in addition to herbal supplement that has been making major contribution with a view to promoting health.

Anantamul (Hemidesmus indicus)

The most excellent purifying and cleansing herb contains powerful antimicrobial as well as anti-inflammatory properties, which successfully ameliorates acne alongside skin infections, retaining the facial skin supple, clear, smooth as well as vivacious.

Haridra (Curcuma longa)

Turmeric is well known for its skin protective, antiseptic, antimicrobial as well as anti-inflammatory properties. It is an effectual cleanser too. In brief, a series of single herb in addition to compound preparations has adequate advantages of being readily absorbed in body.

Daruharidra (Berberis aristata)

The most healing as well as soothing herb that successfully alleviates skin infections plus heals facial skin manifestations.  

ShwetChandan (Santalum album)

Sandalwood is an effective antioxidant. Topical application of Sandalwood powder, in paste form, is extremely cooling, soothing and relaxing on skin. As per Ayurveda, Sandalwood is one of the best skin beautifying (varnya) herbs, which cures various skin inflammations and allergies. The natural cooling effect keeps skin cool and efficiently works against the damage caused by harmful UV radiations as well.

LavangaTaila (Syzygiumaromaticum Oil)

Clove oil contains essential anti-acne effect; it checks P acnes as well as other opposing bacterial damages. Moreover, it contains important analgesic, antioxidant as well as antimicrobial components. Clove oil noticeably enhances skin health in addition to complexion.

BakuchiTaila (Psoraleacorylifolia Oil)

Bakuchi Taila is mostly beneficial in all sorts of acute as well as chronic skin infections alongside allergic manifestations.

JatiphalaTaila (MyristicafragransOil)

Jatipahala Oil is particularly beneficial in managing all sorts of non-inflammatory as well as inflammatory acne. Furthermore, we should bear in mind that healing herbal oils have been used for approximately hundreds of years. Take pleasure in the benefits of this age old convention with our line of herbal oils, which have been crafted to excellence for a huge number of therapeutic applications.

TailapatraTaila (Eucalyptus globules Oil)

Oil of Eucalyptus (or Tailapatra) importantly fights against acne, other skin infections as well as allergies. Moreover, in view of the above analysis, it should be noted with special emphasis that because of the capability of herbal manufacturers to manufacture as well as supply a diverse excellent range of ayurvedic medicines together with Herbal PCD products.

Indications :

Moreover, being an effectual Purifying, Skin Cleansing as well as Smoothening Face Pack, Herbeauty Neem Face Pack is mostly beneficial in the following conditions:

  • Non-inflammatory Acne– Whiteheads in addition to Blackheads
  • Inflammatory Acne – Pimples, Papules, Cysts alongside Nodules
  • Damaged Hair plus Split Ends
  • Facial Skin Eruptions

Direction for use:

Just take one tablespoon of Herbeauty Neem Face Pack in a bowl; also make a paste through adding water. Clean face as well as use the paste evenly on your face alongside neck, avoiding lips & eyes. Allow it to remain for 10-15 minutes on your facial skin whilst the herbal actives as well as oils penetrate profoundly in your skin layers, purifying, cleansing it from within. Wash off with cold water alongside pat dry with a spongy towel.

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